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Web sites about the Frogans project

OP3FT Privacy Policy

OP3FT Privacy Policy

The objective of this Policy is to present, for each category of Frogans project stakeholders, the personal data which are collected by the OP3FT and the ways in which these data are processed. The OP
Frogans Technology Overview

Frogans Technology Overview

“Frogans Technology Overview”  is an official resource document published by the OP3FT. In 18 pages, it describes the principal components of the Frogans technology and how they work toge
RFC8589 leaptofrogans URI scheme informational RFC

'leaptofrogans' URI Scheme

This online resource from the IETF Web site provides information and links regarding the informational RFC 8589 that was published by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) in May, 2019. This docu
Official Web site of the Frogans technology


Official Web site of the Frogans technology, managed by the OP3FT. Exists in English and French versions. This Web site is mostly a repository of resources related to the Frogans technology: video pr


Official presentation Web site of OP3FT中国, the local branch that the OP3FT plans to open in Beijing, China. The Web site describes the missions of OP3FT中国, the current state of its creation, a
frogans-now Frogans agency
+1 646 400 0988


Frogans-now is a pioneer Frogans agency. They provide Frogans site design and development services. More generally, they offer consulting on how to include the use of Frogans sites into a company̵
Download Frogans Player: get.frogans


Official Web site to download Frogans Player, the software used to browse Frogans sites. Currently available versions are Frogans Player alpha for developers for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Web site a
Directory of Frogans address watch providers

Directory of Frogans address watch providers

Global online directory of Frogans address watch providers. Frogans address watch providers are organizations monitoring the registration of Frogans addresses and Frogans networks to warn their client


Only directory of “everything Frogans”: the first online Frogans sites available informational Web sites and Web sites of stakeholders of the Frogans technology social media accounts to s
Frogans Editors

Frogans Editors

Frogans Editors is the introduction Web site for the FCR Account Administrator activities of the Ginkit company, based in Paris, France. Frogans editors provides: registration of Frogans addresses in
Frogans Addresses For All (fafa)

Frogans Addresses For All (Fafa)

Frogans Addresses For All, aka Fafa, is a FCR Account Administrator providing extended services: check of Frogans addresses and networks availability; registration of Frogans addresses in Public Frog


Information about the uses of .frogans domain names. This page is maintained by the registry of the .frogans gTLD, i.e. the OP3FT. https://nic.frogans/