Why Frogans Directory and how you can use it

More and more people have heard about the Frogans project. Yet, for most, it remains mysterious. One reason for that is the Frogans project has been around for a while (since 1999 to be precise), with some communication about it but without people being actually able to play with the Frogans technology.

All this has changed in 2015-2016 with the gradual publication of elements of the Frogans technology. Now, Frogans Player can be downloaded, Frogans sites exist, Frogans addresses can be registered.

With the switch to the spread of the Frogans technology, people have access to a bunch of resources that they can actually use. It is time for imagination: developers, entrepreneurs, Internet users can create and touch new uses on the Internet.

Still, for someone who hears about the Frogans technology for the first time, things can look tricky at first. Information is available, but where to find it? Google is of little use, because when you query it about “Frogans”, it does not bring results in context. It only grabs pieces of information, ranked by popularity, without explaining anything.

This is why we created Frogans Directory.

On Frogans Directory, you can find on a single place everything related to Frogans : Frogans sites of course, but also Web sites relating to the Frogans technology, social media giving the pulse of news about the Frogans project, information published in Webzines and blogs, etc.

Look no further: we keep updating Frogans Directory on a daily basis, not only retrieving content but analyzing it and summarizing it so that you can access the resources relevant to your needs.

The Frogans technology provides a new means to access content online in a simpler and safer way. It allows plenty of initiatives to be built upon it. Frogans Directory is one of them. Join the adventure, discover and play!