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OP3FT Privacy Policy

OP3FT Privacy Policy

The objective of this Policy is to present, for each category of Frogans project stakeholders, the personal data which are collected by the OP3FT and the ways in which these data are processed. The OP
Frogans Technology Overview

Frogans Technology Overview

“Frogans Technology Overview”  is an official resource document published by the OP3FT. In 18 pages, it describes the principal components of the Frogans technology and how they work toge
RFC8589 leaptofrogans URI scheme informational RFC

'leaptofrogans' URI Scheme

This online resource from the IETF Web site provides information and links regarding the informational RFC 8589 that was published by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) in May, 2019. This docu
Frogans Lab YouTube Channel

Frogans Lab YouTube channel

Frogans Lab YouTube channel provides step-by-step tutorials on how to design, code and publish Frogans sites. It complements Frogans Lab’s blog and Frogans Lab’s Frogans site. Frogans Lab
Le nouvel Internet se lance

Le nouvel Internet se lance

Tastes of Frogans

Tastes of Frogans is a YouTube playlist that features a series of quick videos of existing Frogans sites. Frogans sites change often so be sure to subscribe and come back regularly. It is published by
Frogans : une technologie de création de sites au service des graphistes ?

Frogans : une technologie de création de sites au service des graphistes ?

An article by Philippe Collin on how entrepreneurs can seize the opportunities brought by Frogans technology to solve content publishers' issues.

Entrepreneurs, Time To Go Frogans!

Article about the approach of Frogans technology regarding cybersecurity in

The Frogans technology makes the publication of data on the Internet secure

Article du blog IP Talk au sujet de la technologie Frogans

La technologie *Frogans* : un nouvel Internet ?

Article on Dreyfus' blog about Frogans Priority Registration Period for Trademark Holders

Frogans technology: Opening of the priority registration periods for the new Dedicated Networks

Article about Frogans in "IT industrie et technologies" webzine

La technologie Frogans veut créer un écosystème sécurisé à côté du Web