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30 November 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

New Web site

The OP3FT, the Standards Developing Organization that develops the Frogans technology, has just published the new versions of their Web sites and is the place to go for official information about the Frogans technology: specifications, software libraries, policies and contracts, etc. The new Web site makes it far easier to get right to the information you need. It is also in responsive design. More fundamentally, the major change is a focus on news, with the latest posts from the Announcement mailing list and the latest presentations made about the Frogans technology accessible at the top of the page. A new “burger” menu makes it also easier to access to the part of the page of interest to you. is the official Web site where you can download Frogans Player. The new version of this Web site offers a new design, with an easy selection of operating systems to download any version of Frogans Player you may need. OS selection for Frogans Player download OS selection for Frogans Player download


These changes are just signals of what seems to be a vey busy time for people involved in the Frogans project, with the recent release of Frogans Player Alpha for Developers 1.5.1 and the participation of Frogans communities to the Africa Web festival.