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Web sites about the Frogans project

Frogans Editors

Frogans Editors

Frogans Editors is the introduction Web site for the FCR Account Administrator activities of the Ginkit company, based in Paris, France. Frogans editors provides: registration of Frogans addresses in

Frogans lab

On this site you will find tips, tricks and trys at authoring Frogans sites, including files in the Frogans Slide Authoring Language (FSDL) and other resources for creating and viewing Frogans sites.
Frogans Technology Conference

Frogans Technology Conferences

On this Web site, the OP3FT publishes the program of the next FTC (Frogans Technology Conference), information about Frogans Awards and instructions on how to sign up. Each Frogans Technology Conferen
Frogans Technology Development Contributor Policy (FTDCP)

Frogans Technology Development Contributor Policy (FTDCP)

The purpose of the Frogans Technology Development Contributor Policy is to enable any interested party to contribute to the development of the Frogans technology under conditions intended to preserve
Frogans Technology Overview

Frogans Technology Overview

“Frogans Technology Overview”  is an official resource document published by the OP3FT. In 18 pages, it describes the principal components of the Frogans technology and how they work toge

Frogans Technology User Policy (FTUP)

The Frogans technology is held by the OP3FT as part of its public-interest mission. Any person intending to use the Frogans technology must comply with the conditions of use defined in this policy: an


Only directory of “everything Frogans”: the first online Frogans sites available informational Web sites and Web sites of stakeholders of the Frogans technology social media accounts to s
frogans-now Frogans agency
+1 646 400 0988


Frogans-now is a pioneer Frogans agency. They provide Frogans site design and development services. More generally, they offer consulting on how to include the use of Frogans sites into a company̵
Official Web site of the Frogans technology


Official Web site of the Frogans technology, managed by the OP3FT. Exists in English and French versions. This Web site is mostly a repository of resources related to the Frogans technology: video pr

FSDL technical specification and software library

The Frogans Slide Description Language (FSDL) technical specification is used to create and publish Frogans sites on the Internet or in intranets. FSDL documents are exchanged between the Frogans Play
Download Frogans Player: get.frogans


Official Web site to download Frogans Player, the software used to browse Frogans sites. Currently available versions are Frogans Player alpha for developers for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Web site a
IFAP technical specification

IFAP technical specification

This document sets forth the pattern applicable to Frogans addresses. A Frogans address is a string of characters used to identify a Frogans site published on a computer network, such as the Internet