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One of the Dispute-Resolution Service Providers approved by the OP3FT for UDRP-F procedures. http://www.adrforum.com/Home/HomePage
Welcome to the Frogans project

Welcome to the Frogans project

An introduction to the Frogans project presenting the OP3FT and providing clues on how to embark on the project. https://project.frogans.org/en/main.html
The Web site of the FCR Operator

Frogans Core Registry

The FCR (Frogans Core Registry) Operator is the entity that is responsible for the technical and commercial operation of the database in which Frogans addresses and Frogans networks are registered. On

Frogans lab

On this site you will find tips, tricks and trys at authoring Frogans sites, including files in the Frogans Slide Authoring Language (FSDL) and other resources for creating and viewing Frogans sites.
Frogans Addresses For All (fafa)

Frogans Addresses For All (Fafa)

Frogans Addresses For All, aka Fafa, is a FCR Account Administrator providing extended services: check of Frogans addresses and networks availability; registration of Frogans addresses in Public Frog

Frogans Technology User Policy (FTUP)

The Frogans technology is held by the OP3FT as part of its public-interest mission. Any person intending to use the Frogans technology must comply with the conditions of use defined in this policy: an
OP3FT logo


The OP3FT is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to hold, promote, protect and ensure the progress of the Frogans technology in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available to all,


Information about the uses of .frogans domain names. This page is maintained by the registry of the .frogans gTLD, i.e. the OP3FT. https://nic.frogans/
frogans-now Frogans agency
+1 646 400 0988


Frogans-now is a pioneer Frogans agency. They provide Frogans site design and development services. More generally, they offer consulting on how to include the use of Frogans sites into a company̵
Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for Frogans Addresses (UDRPF)

Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for Frogans Addresses (UDRPF)

The aim of the UDRP-F and its Rules is to protect trademark holders from abusive registrations of Frogans addresses and Frogans networks in the FCR. The UDRP-F and its Rules are an adaptation of the U
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FCR Account Administrator http://www.nameshield.net/


A page explaining how to report a security problem or an abusive use of the Frogans technology. https://report.frogans.org